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Isle movie to debut at Sundance festival - Honolulu Star Bulletin 12-04-03

Sundance update from our CEO - 01-06-2004

Dear Sundancing partners:

Do not despair regarding the fact that you can not yet obtain tickets on-line or on the telephone for the 16th of January world premiere screening of THE LAND HAS EYES (If any of you did get Jan. 16 tickets, please write me right away as you are indeed a lucky human being, and I want to know about you!).

Although it is true that the Jan. 16 and 24 screenings of THE LAND HAS EYES are sold out, there are still tickets for the 20 January screenings. And there is a way to still see THE LAND HAS EYES on the 16th and 24th of January.

Yes, there is still hope, according to Native Forum Programmer extraordinaire, Bird Runningwater. He writes these reassuring words to those of us without our tickets: "I do know that a certain number of seats are held back for pass holders, and when those seats are not filled, the seats are released for the Wait List which begins one hour before each screening. I would recommend you stand in line for the waitlist very early to acquire any open seats that will be most definitely be available...This happens every year with our screenings, and in the end everyone does manage to get into the screening."

So please do not cancel your airline tickets from Fiji, Portland, Honolulu, Melbourne, or where-evah.. Do instead come join us to be among the first in the Wait Line at 3:00 PM - or earlier - and I just bet you will get in! I'll be there in line, because I don't have a ticket either! It will be fun. We can visit with each other in the snow. I'll try to bring some Kona Coffee and chocolate covered mac nuts from Honolulu.

And there is always that great party on 16 January at 6:30 PM at the Marriott that you are invited to attend - complete with Fijian dancers! I even hear rumors that Midwest USA Rotumans are practicing a dance or two to help us celebrate.

Here's the scoop on how the Wait List works: WAIT LIST TICKETS You may Wait List for screenings that are no longer available through the box office. One hour before each screening, a numbered Wait List card is issued to patrons on a first-come, first-served basis. Thirty minutes prior to the screening, cardholders should line up in order of their Wait List number for admittance on a space-available basis. Please note: Only two wait list numbers per person can be received; one ticket per wait list number. Depending on the theatre size, the average number of people admitted to screenings from the Wait List ranges from 20 to 70 people. The larger the theatre, the more likely it is that Wait List patrons can be accommodated.

Sounds to me like the first twenty people are bound to get in! Who's that gonna be? You??

CONGRATULATIONS go to Bob Hillman, Alan Howard, Gracie Atkins and Dennis! These 4 persistent people bought four tickets to the January 20th screening on-line today! Bravo!!! If you too were able to get tickets to the 20 or 24 January screenings, please let us know. PLEASE BUY FOUR TICKETS to any of the three screenings if you have the opportunity! We will reimburse you for the ones you cannot use. They are like gold, as you can see. On the 20 January the Pacific Islanders in Communication are hosting a post screening of THE LAND HAS EYES party too! So January 20th will be a great day in Sundance.

Yes, it's true that people are redialing and redialing the Sundance ticket number - 877-733-8497. But some are getting through, so keep trying. On-line at seems to be working best to get tickets to 20 January screenings. Do not give up. And GOOD LUCK! All this is part of the Sundance steps!!

Partygoers: Please remember to get your addresses of where you will be next Monday and Tuesday to Holly Paulson at: as well as: the date of arrival and departure in Park City where you are staying during Sundance what phone (cell is best) to reach you while you are there. Please send Holly this today as we are finalizing invitation lists for both parties. I can assure you that you have to have an invitation to get in!!

And for those of you who think you'll just skip Park City and zip on over to Rotterdam to catch the next screenings of THE LAND HAS EYES, we now have the scoop first time announced information on the ROTTERDAM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL screenings:

Wednesday, Jan. 28 at 10:45 PM (Remember it's Europe. Late crowd.)
Thursday, Jan 29 at 1:00 PM
Saturday at 3:45 PM.
Director/writer/producer Vilsoni Hereniko will be at the screenings, in person!
Corey Tong, producer, in person!

It's going to be just lots of fun to see you in Sundance. Meanwhile....Sending you lots of warm aloha and appreciation for your support!


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