New Queen's Chinese Restaurant II *

Authentic Cantonese (Hong Kong Style) and Mandarin Cuisines

1159 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814 USA (next to McKinley Car Wash & ProAm Golf Shop)
Phone: (808) 593-8186; Fax: (808) 593-8287

Open Daily 10:30am - 1:00am

Ample Parking - Free parking on Kapiolani Blvd after 6:30pm

Yr of Pig 2-18-07

Lunch - Dinner - Seafood - Shabu-Shabu - Specials - Banquet - Takeout Order - New Head Chef onboard Dec 1 2006

Appetizer Soup Seafood Fowls Hot Pot Beef or Pork Egg
Sizzling Platter Vegetarian Rice & Misc Noodle Beverages Lunch Specials Photo

SPECIALS - Limited Supply Daily & Subject to Changes                       

Live Lobster (Black Bean Sauce or Ginger Onion)                                                                        $13.99
Live Whole Fish (Steamed)                                                                                                               $22.00
Live Crab (Black Bean Sauce or Ginger Onion)                                                                             $15.99
班南煲 Sea Bass Hotpot $18.00
紅燒乳鴿 Roast Pigeon $11.95
骨香龍利 Crispy Deep Fried Flounder $12.95
茶香雞 Tea Flavor Fried Chicken $11.50
聖瓜雲耳鮮魷或魚 Chinese Squash Squid or Fish $9.95
蒜香皇金蝦 Gallic Fried Emperor Golden Prawn $15.95
大蒜羊肉 Pan Fry Lamp with Gallic $10.95
蒜香骨 Gallic Deep Fry Pork Chop $10.95
黑椒香葉龍蝦 Black Pepper Spices Lobster $16.99
原只南瓜蒸雞 Steam Chicken in Whole Pumpkin $11.95
上湯蜆/醉蜆 Steam Clams or Drunken Clams $11.95
白灼牛柏葉 Beef Tripe  $9.95
南瓜炆火南 Roast Pork and Pumpkin $11.95
竹支羊南煲 Dry Bean Curb Lamb Hotpot $8.95
酥炸大腸 Deep Fried Pig Intestine $9.95
豉汁蒸石蠔 Steam Oyster in Black Bean Sauce $12.95
芋頭扣肉 Taro with Pork (Chinese Kau Yuk) $8.95
竹甡菜膽 Bamboo Liner with Vegetable $10.95
醬爆貴花腸 Soya Paste fry Peg Intestine $9.95
雪里紅扒魚片 Chinese Vegetable with Fish Fillet $9.95
蒜子上湯唐篙菜 Gallic Chinese Vegetable in light soup $9.95


*Managed by UH TIM Alumni and Member of UHAA

Corporate Headquarters:

Corner Bishop and South Beretania Street  

Business Hours: 8:30am - 4:00pm (M - F) Advance Appointment Requested
USA Address: 1188 Bishop Street, Century Square, Suite 3403, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813, USA
Hong Kong SAR Address: 253 Des Voeux Rd #1305, Central, Hong Kong
China Address: 31-35 Yongjia Rd, #520, Shanghai 200030, China
USA Phone:  (808) 524-5738;  Hong Kong Phone  (852) 8171-3118 & (852) 9239-3999 (mobile)
Fax:  (808) 524-8063

email: and, or 

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