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What's Cooking Around Town by Anthony Chang

Executive Chef of Formerly Regal Chinese Restaurant is Head Chef of New Queen's Chinese Restaurant II on December 1, 2006

I had the rare opportunity to enjoy an excellent Chinese meal the other day in the company of three gentlemen all of whom are very knowledgeable about Chinese food here in Hawaii and around the world. One was noted local Chinese food historian and writer, Anthony Chang, a practicing lawyer whose passion for food is infectious. If you've ever taken the Chinese Chamber of Commerce's Chinatown Culinary Tour, Anthony was the person leading the group. Also joining us was Daniel Leung, who used his Masters of Social Work degree for years as a social worker for a private local agency. He now has a food-oriented career based at KCC where he is developing and leading local culinary tours. He also conducts culinary tours to China. Daniel was born and raised in Hong Kong and he has considerable knowledge of Hong Kong-style cuisine. Rounding out the table was retired engineer, Leonard Wong. Like Daniel, Leonard also turned to the culinary arts as a second career attending KCC, apprenticing in Belgium and somehow finding time to get a Masters in American Studies - all after retirement! He presently cooks part time for the retired Marianist fathers and priests from St. Louis and Chaminade University of Honolulu.

I have always been a bit reluctant to review Chinese restaurants as I know that my knowledge of Chinese cuisine is limited. I am comfortable with all of the other Asian cuisines but my experience with Chinese food has been greatly influenced by eating lots of Korean and Japanese-style Chinese food. Thus it was with an eagerness to learn more that I arrived early for lunch at Regal Chinese Restaurant at the corner of Kapahulu and Palani Ave.

The decision to dine at Regal was not made lightly. I followed the email discussion of where to eat with interest and noted how mobile the many chefs mentioned appeared to be - so and so was at this place, then that place and is now at yet another place. The group decided on Regal based in no small part on Anthony's research which indicated that the chef at this establishment had formerly been with Harbor Village in Hawaii Kai, then Sun Tak and he is noted for his preparation of Typhoon Shelter crab and lobster. At Regal this dish is called Spicy Roasted Garlic Crab (or lobster) Hong Kong Style. Daniel explained that Typhoon Shelter refers to the areas in Hong Kong where boat-dwellers reside. Just as on dry land, these neighborhoods have their own food vendors that serve as on-water versions of your local neighborhood restaurant.

Discussion about what to order went quite quickly as we deferred to Anthony with some suggestions regarding specific preparations or what sauce might be preferred. The lobster we wanted was not on the regular menu but was featured on a poster in the window so that was the first item on the list.

There is a white board to one side with the Daily Specials and we ordered the Steamed Tofu Foo Kin Style. Daniel told us that calling something "Foo Kin" or "Hong Kong" or some other name may not really tell you much about the dish as the designations are often more about giving the dish a different name than a competitor uses. Anyway, this steamed tofu was described as coming in a bamboo basket with lots of seafood and a rich gravy.       

December 17, 2006 - Hawaii News (direct link)


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位於城中區近阿拉摩晏拿購物中心的地茂館海鮮酒家(New Queen's Chinese Restaurant)自從New Queen餐飲集團接手以來,業務蒸蒸日上。





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