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Johnson W. K. Choi, MBA, RFC. 蔡永強 商科碩士

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Property & Casualty Insurance 商業保險

State Minimum Wage Information

Commercial Insurance Division through the Business Insurance Services Inc*** & Commercial Insurance Agency Inc offers a comprehensive range of products and services in the areas of Property, General Liability, Automobile, Workers' Compensation and Umbrella insurance designed to protect Hawaii businesses and their employees. Current commercial insurance products include:

Personal Insurance Division through Business Insurance Services Inc*** & Commercial Insurance Agency Inc offers a comprehensive range of products and services designed to protect Hawaii residents and their personal property.

We also provide the following:

2002 Hawaii Workman Compensation Insurance Information 工作勞工保險資料

Workers' compensation provides medical payments for care, services and supplies as reasonably needed.

Disability coverage replaces the injured employee's loss of income. In 2002 the wage replacement is two thirds of a worker's average weekly income up to a maximum of $564 per week.

Vocational rehabilitation is available to find suitable work with comparable wage for an injured employee whose permanent disability prevents a return to usual employment.

Permanent partial disability benefits compensate an injured employee for the loss or loss of use of a part of the body.

Death benefits provide weekly benefit payments to the surviving spouse and dependent minor children and cover funeral and burial expenses when an industrial injury results in death.

Download WC-1 Form in PDF Format

2002 TDI Information 非工作勞工保險資料

Minimum benefits are determined to be 58% of average weekly earnings, with a weekly minimum of $14.00 and a maximum of $408. Benefit entitlement commences on the eighth (8th) consecutive day of disability and continues for up to a maximum of 26 weeks while the claimant remains disabled. The definition of wages is determined for individual claimants using the earnings in the week before the commencement of disability (salaried) or the amount that would have been paid as wages but for the commencement of disability (hourly). The maximum benefit is determined annually based on statewide average earnings. Benefits are taxable for Federal and State Income Tax, and FICA in proportion to employer/employee contribution rates.

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Johnson W. K. Choi 蔡永強敬

***Effective August 1, 2004