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Corey Tong, President and Chief Creative Executive was born and raised in Hilo, is developing film production projects in Hawaii, Hong Kong, Japan, The U.K. and California. He has been a leader in the Asian American independent film movement over the past decade, as well as a partner with leading Asian film investors. Most recently Tong produced the internationally acclaimed feature-film, THE LAND HAS EYES.

Johnson Choi, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer is one of the principals of Makai Motion Pictures, is a prominent venture capitalist living in Hawaii, with a 27 year history of bringing business to Hawaii, particularly through his Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and China contacts. He is currently President & Executive Director of the Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce and the Hong Kong-Hawaii Chamber of Commerce, Executive VP & CFO of CMC Consulting Group Inc, Executive VP and CFO of Project On Net, Inc with offices in Hawaii, Hong Kong SAR and Shanghai China.

Anne Misawa, Vice President graduated from Univ. of Southern California’s Graduate Film and Television Program, has worked internationally in producing, directing, cinematography, and editing. Directorial credits include: Waking Mele, (Sundance 2000 Film Festival), and Eden’s Curve, (Emerging Film Best feature Award, 2003,) amongst others. Her work as cinematographer include many award-winning films: Kamea, (HIFF 2004 Best Short Award), Time Out, (directed by Xelinda Yancy, executive produced by John Singleton, HBO Award), Salt, (Caligari Award for Innovative Filmmaking at Berlin Int. Film Festival, 2003), Liv, (directed by Edoardo Ponti, executive produced by Robert Altman and Michaelangelo Antonioni, Venice Int. Film Festival, 1998) as well as many others. She has also edited various projects including the feature Punks, (directed by Patrik-Ian Polk, Sundance 2000 Film Festival, Best Independent Feature Film Award at the Cleveland Int. Film Festival.) Her current work includes production of several projects, including producing and directing a documentary on Hawaii Statehood, directing a narrative feature, Waterfall, as well as teaching film production at the Academy for Creative Media, Univ. of Hawai’i.

Jeannette Paulson Hereniko, Consultant
to Makai Motion Pictures LLC is the Founding Director of the Hawaii International Film Festival (1980-1996) and the President of the U.S. chapter of the international organization, NETPAC (Network for the promotion of Asian Pacific Cinema) from 1992 to the present time. She has over 25 years of film and television experience, all while living in Hawaii; most recently having produced the internationally acclaimed feature-film, THE LAND HAS EYES.

Each Makai Motion Pictures LLC partner brings unique abilities that not only attract film projects to Hawaii, but each has demonstrated skills to organize and produce a successful business attracting a slate of high quality Asia Pacific focused film and television projects to Hawaii. The Company brings the highest level of international professional film industry relationships to the State.

The Mission of Makai Motion Pictures is to build and maintain a thriving, creatively progressive and financially profitable Hawaii-based development and production Performing Arts Company (film production company) whose main goals include the following:

(1) To produce and co-finance high-quality film and television programming, develop, manage, own and deliver (as producers, executive producers, co-producers or any other participating role in which the Company deems appropriate) film and television programming for the international marketplace, with a particular emphasis on project content originating from Hawaii, Asia and the entire Pacific Region. Our company is also unique in that we will partner not only with Mainland business, but look toward Asia and the Pacific to bring film and television financing to Hawaii;

(2) To maintain a financially stable, self-sufficient Hawaii-based performing arts company; to keep our expenses and profits in the State of Hawaii; preferring to finance the company-projects through equity, pre-sale, tax-credit funds and to keep financial debt (credit/loan/bank-finance) as minimal as possible;

(3) To create, produce, license or sell a diversified slate of film and television projects to achieve our goals: Level-1 projects (less than $1.0M); Level-2 projects ($1-3M); Level-3 projects (more than $3M), thus ensuring a diverse portfolio: a library of film properties holding a range of market values;

(4) To attain our goals of production: one-two (1-2) films in our first year of existence; initiate an additional one-two (1-2) film projects in year two; an additional one-two (1-2) films in year three; and an additional two (2) films per subsequent year, in order to reach our goal of eight feature length films over our first five year period (See Exhibit A);

(5) To remain open to new related projects, such as but not limited to, performing arts and high tech opportunities: larger budget ($5M-plus and/or major-studio) projects if appropriate and if feasible; new ventures, such as producing and/or partnering with new technology (high-definition and advanced digital format production, exhibition); partnering with existing entities and organizations locally and internationally;

(6) To nurture and develop creative talent from Hawaii and the Asia Pacific region; identify and develop creative talents for international level professional co-production partnerships;

(7) To provide a steady growth of job and educational opportunities for the people of Hawaii.

San Francisco California USA - Wednesday - September 22 2010: Johnson Choi, President of Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce met with Roger Garcia, Executive Director of The Hong Kong International Film Festival and Robert Meyer to discuss wine and business collaborations.

Hong Kong SAR July 15 2010 - Exploring Film Production Opportunities for Hawaii Companies: Meeting with Mr. Simon Galpin - Director General & Winnie Lee - Manager of Creative Industries of InvestHK for lunch at Roka Japanese Restaurant. After lunch we met with Mr William Fung, Executive Officer (Film Development) and Mr. Peter Ma, Chief Executive Officer at 40/F Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong with wrap up meeting at the Grand Hyatt Hotel




San Francisco California Sunday, May 2, 2010 - VIP Reception featuring Hong Kong Film Producer Peter Chan from 4:30pm - 6:00pm, at Restaurant 2223, 2223 Market Street, San Francisco & Screening of “Bodyguards and Assassins”, produced by Peter Chan, at 6:45 pm, at Castro Theatre, 429 Castro Street, San Francisco

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28th annual Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival, scheduled from Oct 9 - 19, at the Regal Dole Cannery Stadium 18. This year's HIFF lineup of 150 films come from over 36 countries. For the full program guide, more information, screening times, and ticket information, go to

I would like to share some information on a few films of interest to you.

Here are films that present the Chinese-American experience that may be of interest to you:

LONG STORY SHORT tells the story of Larry and Trudie Long, a popular husband-and-wife nightclub act of the ‘40s and ‘50s. Narrated and framed by the experiences of their daughter, actress Jodi Long, the film traces the couple’s rise from the Chinatown nightclub circuit to a coveted appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. When Jodi is cast in the Broadway revival of "Flower Drum Song", a show in which her father performed in the original 40 years before, her parents find themselves revisiting a past they had buried long ago. Combining a family story with show business history and the ravages of racism, it is a story of pain, passion, and perseverance.

United States 2008 | English | 53 min.
Director: Christine Choy
Cast: Larry Long, Trydie Long, Jodie Long, Tzi Ma, David Henry Hwang

For nearly a century, people have turned to this prophetic dessert for advice, inspiration, and even winning lottery combinations. While the fortune cookie has been a source of fascination and a Chinese cuisine staple in North America, it remains nearly non-existent in China. This film will examine the heated debate over the true origin of the fortune cookie, the mixing of eastern and western cultures that produced it, and the cookie's rise from a simple pastry to a pop culture phenomenon.

United States 2007 | English | 74 min.
Director: Derek Shimoda

With a family-run store devoted to all things ping pong and a mom who teaches it, the Wangs' entire world revolves around the sport. But despite the family legacy, C-dub opts to spend his free time playing video games and daydreaming about get-rich quick schemes with his best friend JP Money. When tragedy strikes, he is forced to take over his mother's class of ping pong misfits. Eventually, the Wang family livelihood is threatened by a rival ping pong player's attempts to lure the kids away, and C-dub begins to take things more seriously. With the National Golden Cock Tournament coming up, C-dub must become the player he pretends to be and defend his family's ping pong dynasty. From the producers of BETTER LUCK TOMORROW and FINISHING THE GAME.

United States 2007 | English | 96 min.
Director: Jessica Yu
Cast: Jimmy Tsai, Roger Fan, Smith Cho

In addition, we have new films from the Chinese diaspora:


For information, please contact: Johnson Choi at (415) 691-6138 (San Francisco USA); (808) 524-5738 (Hawaii USA), (852) 8171-3118 (Hong Kong SAR) or by email to


Companies Spend $1 Billion in Hawaii through 2006
Costs lower than anticipated: Credits Claimed of $195 Million through 2005
Honolulu, October 29: The latest data compiled by the Department of Taxation demonstrate that the state's Act 221/215 technology tax incentives have produced measurable growth in innovation sector investment, jobs, new companies and higher wages with lower than anticipated costs. Visit for the report.

According to Department of Taxation research for the years 2002-2006, more than $800 million was invested in 287 Act 221/215 companiesthat created 5,383 jobs. During this period, these companies spent more than $1 billion in Hawaii and over $500 million in salaries. The average salary of an innovation sector worker was $67,000 in 2006.

The total high technology investment tax credits claimed between2001-2005 were $195 million and $47 million of research and development tax credits were claimed in the period 2001-2004.

Main Points of Department of Taxation Report:
Expenditures by QHTBs in Hawaii (ie salaries, capital improvements, etc 2002-2006): More than $1 billion
More than $800 million invested in QHTBs (2002-2006)
Investment Tax credits claimed (2002-2005): Less than $195 million
Salaries Paid: More than $500 million
Research & Development Credits Claimed (2001-2004): $47 million

Jobs created (2002-2006): 5,383
Number of Act 221/215 companies (2002-2006): 287
Average annual technology salary (2006): $67,000

Monday - May 28, 2007 - Makai Motion Pictures Executives met with David Young and Jessica Jou

Hong Kong - February 20, 2007: Makai Motion Pictures Executives attended Hong Kong Filmart 2007 (February 20 - 23, 2007) and launching of the "ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL" at the Hong Kong Convention Center - HK Government just funded US$39 million for new film projects. It was attended by more than 5,000 Film/TV Executives from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and etc.


View ABOVE Public Video Online - Courtesy of YouTube - click on the above pictures to view  








View ABOVE Public Video Online - Courtesy of YouTube - click on the above pictures to view




October 27, 2006 - New Queen's Chinese Restaurant II

Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF), Chuck Boller - Director, Carol Fukunaga - Hawaii State Senator, Jon Riki Karamatsu - Hawaii State House of Representative, Liwei Kimura, Anne Misawa - Assistant Professor*, Tom Brislin - Professor and Chairman*, Grace - MC Editor of East Movie Channel, Lanny Wang - SIFF, Xiaomeng - SIFF, Charlie Shi - SIFF, Zero Lin - Film Maker, Ying Ding - Film Maker and Special Guests (*Academy for Creative Media, University of Hawaii at Manoa).


  Click on the pictures to view live video

October 25, 2006 - New Queen's Chinese Restaurant II

Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF), Makaha Sons, Film Makers, Chris Lee - Director*, Jason Sun, Liwei Kimura, Anne Misawa - Assistant Professor*, Corey Tong, Keveh Kardan - Chief Technologist*, Xinhuan Wang, Bo Chen, XiaoLu, Yan Lu, Ian Wang, Johnson Choi, Special Guests from Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), Guests from Shanghai Eastern TV Channel and others met at a Special Dinner Hosted by New Queen's Chinese Restaurant II - Makaha Sons gave out and personally signed limited edition books and CDs to our Special Guests from Shanghai (*Academy for Creative Media, University of Hawaii at Manoa).


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 June 8, 2006

Hawaii Act 88 - Refundable Production (Movie, Film and Television) Tax Credit to become effective on July 1, 2006

Click on the pictures below to view live video

April 27, 2006 Hawaii Film Office - Meeting with Representatives of Local Unions at the Hawaii State Art Museum - Multi-Purpose Room

Two (2) Video Presentations: #1  #2   <click to view

Honolulu Weekly Oct 19 2005 "5 to Watch from Writers to Producers, Hawaii is home to notable up and comers"

complete story in Microsoft Word Format


8th Annual Shanghai International Festival Opening Ceremony

The Land Has Eyes


Fiji makes Oscar bid with The Land Has Eyes

A 'go see' movie that leaves you feeling good - Sunday, March 20, 2005 By Lee Cataluna Advertiser Staff Direct link PDF
Isle movie to debut at Sundance festival - Honolulu Star Bulletin 12-04-03
Sundance update from our CEO - 01-06-2004
The Land Has Eyes at the Sundance Film Festival by Duane Byrge, Ta Meka Prods at the Hollywood Reporters  PDF Format
The Land Has Eyes at the Rotterdam Film Festival  PDF Format
The Land Has Eyes by Wayne Harada - Honolulu Advertiser March 8, 2004  PDF Format
Hawaii International Spring Film Festival April 2 - 8, 2004 Order Ticket on Line

News Update June 2, 2005

Vili Hereniko will go to Shanghai where "The Land Has Eyes" is an entry in a film competition

"Land Has Eyes" in the running by Wayne Harada, Advertiser entertainment writer A-4

Hawaii-based filmmaker Vilsoni Hereniko's "The Land Has Eyes" apparently has legs. The critically acclaimed movie, produced by his wife, Jeannette Paulson Hereniko, has been tapped by the Shanghai International Film Festival, June 11 through 19, as one of the 15 features - and the lone American entry - to compete for the top Jin Jue Award.

The movie - about a Rotuan girl and her struggle for her family's dignity and survival - made its commercial debut last March at the Dole Cannery theaters, after its introduction last year at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

The film, with music by Island composer Andy Kimura, has played at festivals in Singapore and Vietnam. It has been booked for a slot at the Maui Film Festival, at 7:30pm June 15th, at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center's Castle Theatre.

With such a buzz going for the film, the Herenikos will split promotion duties, with Jeannette flying to Shanghai for the launch there and Vili attending the Maui event before jetting to Shanghai and the last screening before the awards ceremony.

News Update 12-25-2003

The Land Has Eyes will be previewed at the Sundance Festival at the Salt Lake City as follow:

THE LAND HAS EYES - Sundance World Premiere 2004 Screening Times in Park City:

Friday, Jan 16 4:30 PM; Holiday Village Cinema I; Tuesday, Jan 20 3:00 PM; Yarrow Hotel Theatre; Saturday, Jan 24 3:30 PM; Holiday Village Cinema IV

Due to popular demand, an additional SUNDANCE screening of THE LAND HAS EYES has been added:

Wednesday, Jan 21 Noon; Broadway IN SALT LAKE CITY.

The Land Has Eyes (TLHE) has also been selected by the Rotterdam Film Festival in Europe (immediately follow the Sundance Film Festival 2004).

TLHE is also on the short list of the Melbourne Film Festival in Australia.

Hawaii Press Contact: Jeannette Paulson Hereniko (808) 396 8353
International Sales Contact: Corey Tong (415) 626 5585

Te Maka Productions announces Hawaii Film Premiere of
THE LAND HAS EYES April 8, 2004 - Hawaii International Film Festival Spring Edition Closing Night Event

The Land Has Eyes; The Land Has Teeth; And Always Knows The Truth - (A Rotuman Proverb)

Honolulu (March 15, 2004) – Honolulu-based Te Maka Productions proudly announces the Hawai’i Premiere screening of its first feature film THE LAND HAS EYES as the Closing Night Event of the 2004 Hawai’i International Film Festival Spring Edition on Thursday, April 8 at 8:30pm at the Signature Dole Cannery 18 Theatres in Honolulu. The film held its world premiere at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival this past January in Utah, and the HIFF event will be its much anticipated, first-ever screening of the film to Hawai'i audiences.

The film’s director and writer is Vilsoni Hereniko, a long-time Honolulu-resident and native of Rotuma, Fiji, who is also a professor at the Center for Pacific Island Studies at the University of Hawai’i, Manoa. The film is produced by Jeannette Paulson Hereniko of Honolulu, founder and long-time director of the Hawai’i International Film Festival, and by independent producer Corey Tong of San Francisco, a Hilo native. Director of Photography is Honolulu-based, award-winning cinematographer Paul Atkins and executive producer is Merata Mita, a part-time resident of Oahu. Many of the key crew are expected to attend the Hawai’i premiere event, as well as special guests, funders and participants of the film’s production.

THE LAND HAS EYES is an 87-minute narrative drama about Viki, (introducing Sapeta Taito) a South Pacific young woman who redeems her family’s name by exposing the secrets of her island’s most powerful and important people. The lush tropical beauty of Rotuma, Fiji contrasts with Viki’s experiences of the stifling expectations of island culture after her father is found guilty of a crime he did not commit. Inspired by the legendary Warrior Woman (Rena Owen, ‘Once Were Warriors’), Rotuma’s first inhabitant, Viki is fearless in her search for justice and fulfillment for herself and her island’s villagers.

Ninety-eight percent of the cast is indigenous to the island of Rotuma, with the exception of internationally acclaimed Maori actress Owen. THE LAND HAS EYES, the first feature-drama made by an indigenous filmmaker from Fiji, has received significant support from Pacific Islanders in Communication, the public television organization based in Honolulu, and from Makai Motion Pictures and many Hawai’i residents, local foundations and community organizations. Tickets go on sale March 25 at the HIFF Box Office at the Signature Dole Cannery Theatres. For additional information:

THE LAND HAS EYES - 2004, In English and Rotuman with English subtitles - Fiji-USA; 87 minutes

Photos available upon request.

Press and International Sales Contact: Jeannette Paulson Hereniko: tel (808) 396 8353
Corey Tong: tel (415) 626 5585

2004, In English and Rotuman with English subtitles - Fiji-USA; 90 minutes
Contact: Jeannette Paulson Hereniko; Tel: (808) 396-8353; 
Contact: Corey Tong, Tel: (415) 626-5585;

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Hawaii Act 221 Qualified Company by Hawaii Department of Taxation
Hawaii Act 221 / 215 Update by Kurt Kawafuchi, Director of Taxation, Hawaii Dept of Taxation on Nov 10, 2004
Shaw Studios - Hong Kong Movie City - Clear Water Bay
ISLAND VOICES - State must invest in own filmmakers, studios - By Chris Lee Feb 20, 2005

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