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Life Insurance  

What Do You Know About Life Insurance ?

Life Insurance

The most precious asset that a person can have must be his own life, especially if he is the bread-winner on whom his family depends. Since death is inevitable, and sometimes unexpected misfortunes might occur to cripple or even kill the person early, he can provide a financial cushion to himself and his family by effecting a life Insurance" policy in one of the following forms:

生命是每一個人最珍貴的資產, 對於作為家庭經濟支撐人尤為重要. 生老病死是人生必 經過程,加上不幸的意外經常發生, 往往引致傷殘和早死等等悲劇. 購買人壽保險便能在發生事故時為個人和其家庭提供經濟支援.

人壽保險 - 種類很多, 大概可以分為下列種類:

1. [Whole Life] policy can provide a cash value for the policyholder during his lifetime, or provide a lump sum plus dividends to the Policyholder beneficiary upon his death. Premiums are usually paid to the Insurer at regular intervals, which are invested by the insurer or under the direction of the insured to generate dividends income, hence performing savings as well as protection functions.

一. [永久壽險] 能在投保人在生時,作為他擁有 [現金價值] 的資產, 在其死後為其受益人提供現金. 通常保險費按期交予保險公司的. 保險公司會把收集的保險費投資,為投保人賺取紅利. 所以,這類保險同時具有儲蓄和保障作用.

2. [Term Life] policy pays a lump sum only upon the Policyholder death, does not provide dividends nor does it carry a cash value. The premium is usually paid annually, and is increased upon each annual renewal.

二. [訂期壽險] 只在投保人死後才提供賠償, 沒有紅利分配,也沒有[現金價值]. 保險費要每年支付, 並於續保時按年遞增.

3. [Second-to-die Life] a second-to-die policy insures two lives, usually a husband and wife. It generally has a lower premium than the premiums for two individual policies. It may be available even when one spouse is uninsurable. A second-to-die policy is one of the most economical ways to pay estate tax or pass assets to heirs. Insurance proceeds are generally income tax free and may also be free of estate tax if ownership is structured properly.

三. [夫妻壽險] 同時保障二人,保險費最低,如果一人健康不好,保險公司也會接受, 大部分是用來支付遺產稅."夫 妻壽 險"是支付遺產稅的最便宜辦法, 也可以把大量的金錢免稅轉移給下代.此外,還有很多新潁的人壽保險計劃, 但以投資性質居多.

Insurance Company
I am currently representing many life insurance companies. My primary insurance company is The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife Financial). Manulife Financial is over 100 years old with branch offices around the world including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, China, United States, Canada and Europe. Manulife Financial was the first insurance company to develop the [second-to-die] life insurance policy. Consolidated assets were in excess of CND$39 billion and surplus in excess of CND3.8 billion at December 31, 1997.

我代表很多人壽保險公司, 但是以宏利人壽保險公司為首. 因為它有100多年的歷史和經驗.分行遍布全世界, 包括香港, 台灣, 新加坡, 菲律賓, 中國, 美國, 加拿大, 歐洲等地. 是[夫妻壽險]首創者. 1995 資產超過 CND$390 億. 營餘超過 CND$3.5億

Before Replacing Your Life Insurance Policies

You should not purchase a life insurance policy soley based on the numbers projected on the life insurance proposal, especially when the life insurance proposal projecting a 12% or higher interest rate.

For example, if you are paying $3,600 per year for 30 years. Total payments for 30 years will be $108,000. The total cash value at the end of the 30 years can various substantially (can you really get the 1 million dollar when you retired ?).

8% average interest rate for 30 yrs is $440,445
10% average interest rate for 30 yrs is $651,395
12% average interest rate for 30 yrs is $973,055

If there is a substantial drop in the stock market (like 1987), when your life insurance policy earns 0% or even -50%. Will your life insurance policy get canceled, if you think not, please think again ! Be careful of all those empty promises.



例子: 每一年支付 $3,600 付30 年, 共付 $108,000; 30 年後的利潤可以差別很大 (你真的有百萬退休金嗎?):

8% 平均利息, 30 年後值得 $440,445
10% 平均利息, 30 年後值得 $651,395
12% 平均利息, 30 年後值得 $973,055

假如保險利息因為股市大跌(好象1987年) 股票賺0% 或 -50%; 你的人壽保險不會被取消嗎??? 請小心空的許諾 !!!