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Federal Tax Credit: Hawaii's stimulus portion roughly $400M

Hawai'i residents could receive a more than $400 million windfall starting in May, thanks to the recently passed Economic Stimulus Act of 2008.

That's the rough calculation of Hawaii's portion of the tax rebate included in the stimulus package that was signed into law earlier this month.


For most people, getting a tax rebate under the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 will be as simple as filing their 2007 federal tax returns.

That's because the Internal Revenue Service will use the returns to determine eligibility and the rebate amount. There are no other forms to fill out and the payment will be sent automatically, separate from any tax refund that might be expected.

"The majority of taxpayers won't need to do anything else," said Linda Stiff, acting IRS commissioner, in a Friday conference call.

"There's no need to call or other forms to file."

Stiff said the order of distribution, perhaps by Social Security number or geographic region, will be announced as early as this week and the first recipients should start receiving direct deposits into their bank accounts on May 2.

She said people choosing to have checks mailed to them rather than electronically deposited should start receiving the rebates a week later.

The rebates will be:

# A maximum of $600 for individuals.

# A maximum of $1,200 for couples filing joint returns.

# Payments will be reduced by 5 percent of the amount of adjusted gross income above $75,000 for individuals and $150,000 for joint returns.

# Eligible taxpayers will receive an additional $300 for children who qualify for the child tax credit.

# People who don't normally file tax returns, such as Social Security recipients and people receiving veterans' disability compensation, pensions or survivors' benefits are eligible for a rebate if they had at least $3,000 in qualifying income. But Stiff said they must file a tax return to get the rebate of $300 for individuals and $600 on joint returns even if they have no tax liability.

The IRS plans to send out notices to taxpayers in March reminding people about the rebate and also put a feature on its Web site allowing people to track their stimulus payments.

For people who wish to know more, the IRS has placed information on the stimulus payments on its Web site at


夏威夷居民可以獲得超過4億美元的盈餘, 5月開始,由於近期通過刺激經濟的法案, 2008年。



對大多數人來說,獲得的退稅,根據經濟刺激法案, 2008年將那樣簡單備案其2007年的聯邦 報稅表。


"大多數的納稅人將不用做任何事情,否則,說: "琳達木訥,署理國稅局專員, 在一個週五的 電話會議。

"有沒有需要打電話或其他形式向檔案" 。






#金額會減少5 %的金額調整後的收入高於75000美元為個人和$ 150000聯合回報。





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